My First Post

Writing is somewhat hard for me, at least writing something that others are capable of reading, on top of that english isn’t even my first language, so I am probably doing many mistakes. But well, as everything in life you get to practice and read the error codes, or something like that. :)

I think this blog will be a good exercise, I was inspired by other developers and geeks that also keep their blogs, and I would like to mention and thank Sky Leite for presenting me HUGO. And of course her blog simple design inspired me. As I told her, it is so nostalgic to me at least, looks like those old internet pages simple but also elegant in a way. I am such a nostalgic… Now I am looking up duckduckgo for an IRC client, do you remember IRC? what about ICQ or maybe the youngsters will remember MSN Messenger?

The internet in the 90s and early 2000s was such a magical place for me as a kid, discovering new sites (without google back then), the term web surfing used to make sense, now we are 100% of time connected we don’t even value this anymore. I remember the very first site I accessed when I had my first PC at home, it was using MSN browser (yeah I was such an audacious newbie) and I was in awe as I looked at the pictures of Brian May playing the guitar and Freddie with arms open in ‘V’. If I knew how to download those pictures back in the day…

You know what, I just got an idea!

I am going to re-live that moment, I should have thought of this before, I am going to use waybackmachine and refresh my memory of that day. If there is some therapeutical aspect to writing I don’t know, but at the very least it helps to bring some ideas lol.

Again on the topic regarding the blog and writing, I had else another inspiration. Yesterday I found this folder with some backups of old bookmarks I had, and there it was Aaron’s blog, may he rest in peace. Aaron is a big inspiration for me not only because of his work but because of the person he was. I strongly recommend for every developer everyone out there to read about him and watch the documentary of his life. He was such a brilliant person with a gigantic heart.

There is something valuable about the writing habit, I am realizing. I think it helps to organize my thoughts. I read some years ago that great personalities as in genius artists and thinkers used to walk around with a small notebook. In the moleskine page they mention “Vincent Van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway and Bruce Chatwin.” I mean, I doubt they would buy a moleskine that costs over 5 times the price of a regular notebook. But maybe writing is some kind of secret those great minds had? I wonder what they used to write in their notebooks: Crazy ideas, thoughts, maybe secrets.

Ultimately, I think I have enough for a first post.